Importance of Using Animation for Your Business

Animation has become one of the greatest tools for your marketing strategies. Animated videos basically tell stories about your product or services, in just a few seconds or minutes and in engaging and fun manner. Unfortunately, their advantages are either underestimated, ignored or misunderstood. Being aware of those things and of what they can possibly bring to you is the primary step to making excellent use of their power, therefore, you should know all about the amazing marketing resources and strategies and apply those on your business. 

 Animation for Your Business

Several individuals will definitely watch it and get to share it. When talking about consuming contents online, individuals will choose to watch a video instead of reading a bunch of written articles or listening over the radio. This has been proven by people, 80 percent of those who will watch it from start to end, in comparison to the people who will only read the entire article. 

You will absolutely share something which you liked and watched. Past reports indicate that animated videos can make for up to 1,200 percent more shares compared to just images and texts combined. Animated videos that are very solid set a productive ground for non-stop word-of-mouth marketing, by encouraging at least 76 percent of users to share these animated videos around family and circle of friends. 

By creating an excellent marketing animated video, potential customers will watch this and they will share your video all throughout their online world as well. As a matter of fact, it is your own customer who will serve as exciting marketers for the company or business. 

An animated video is also cheaper compared to other kinds of videos. For live-action ones, you will be needing an entire set of logistics which will require a lot of money. At the same time, you will also be needing to scout for locations, contract a crew, develop post-production, purchase or rent equipment, hire graphic designers and animators, program schedule for shooting, and most importantly, cast actors and actresses, and that would definitely mean, a lot of money to spend. An animated video can easily be remembered which makes an impact and to reach out to you and your clients. 

An explainer video has the tendency to stay for a longer period of time since the possibilities of recalling something which you had watched on the video are so much greater than recalling something which you had read from articles and blogs. The reason for this is not too complicated. Our brains are made to process an image more or less fifty thousand quicker compared to a group of written articles.  

In addition to that, our minds also have the ability of storing information more efficiently than any other things they have read on a paper. A video lasting to only a minute is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Furthermore, an explainer video has the ability to convert something which has been made for the purpose of promotions into something that is very compelling. To know more about animated videos, you can reach out to professional video makers like animation companies in Singapore.